The Moon, The Lake, The Tree & The Boat - Acrylic on Board

This is interesting and completely dumbfounded Catriona. She couldn’t believe it when we returned from this holiday in December 2012 and saw the series of paintings and notes that I'd completed in the studio over a month or so before we'd left.

"I made The Moon, The Lake, The Tree & The Boat a week or two before I observed the very same combination of shape and colour whilst on holiday at a fishing loch in Northumberland which was closed down for the winter. One particular night it had been snowing and the loch had begun to freeze. We were walking Oscar around the top of the loch. I stopped and turned to look at the full moon reflected in the water - and there was the image I'd made before I'd left. The Moon, the loch, the trees and an upturned rowing boat. Okay, the tree wasn't red but rather oddly the predominant colour of the estate woodwork (lodge doors, cottage doors, wood trims) was bright crimson".

Here are her photos and this is the final piece, the original, which we still have at home.