10 highlights for 2014 for David Lyon Art

1. Realising that commitment and dedication to my craft brings positive results;

2. Finding out that taking the easy route isn't always the best;

3. Finding that having a professional approach to how I work engenders creative self-respect and the respect of my peers;

4. Realising that it's essential to use your own ideas;

5. Being comfortable with calling myself 'An Artist';

6. Realising that not everybody who makes 'Art' is 'An Artist';

7. The feedback I received from people who chanced upon the 'Wildflowers' series exhibited at St. James's University Hospital was positive and life affirming, meaning I'd reached people and communicated  - which is what I set out to do;

8. Having positive support and interest from galleries who chose to display and sell my work;

9. Making things - paintings, prints, cards, calendars - that people want to buy;

10. And last, but far from least, having the love, support and help of family and friends (you know who you are). Thank you.