Portuguese Gardens

The surroundings gardens of a hotel provided the inspiration for a playful series of images using the seemingly random layout of trees and shrubs. The lack of formality lead to some unusual juxtapositions of shape and colour. Initially a series of collages, I really enjoyed introducing a looser style when applying the paint for the foliage and flowers which is contrasted with the almost flat background.

All original pieces from this series, using acrylic on board, are available to buy from this website through this link here. 

If you would prefer to see the originals, please contact me at to arrange a viewing.

The Seventh Pot is Born!

 A by-product of mixing paint in a plastic bowl. Once the acrylic dries completely it is waterproof, so I tend to mix one colour on top of another - so the layers build up in unused paint over weeks, if not months, until eventually it is thick enough to separate from the the original bowl. A bowl made of paint! I suppose I could carry on using them to mix paint in but I'm becoming quite attached to them as objects in themselves each with their own characteristics and a 3 dimensional record of the time spent creating 2 dimensional paintings.