Are Art Fairs good for galleries or killing them?

"The art world can't live with art fairs. The art world can't live without art fairs" 

My Review: Whilst this article relates more to galleries attending art fairs rather than lowly artists representing themselves it raises the topic of the sudden rise in number of art fairs now operating globally. I have received invites from fairs as far flung as Spain and L.A. indicating that they have seen my work via my presence online and how they would love to offer me a space (at cost) to exhibit. Artists hungry for exposure pay hard earned cash to exhibit but whether sales for the artist follow at the fair is almost irrelevant as the fair organisers have already made their money. Artists need to be aware and beware the well worded e-mail. Is the art fair the best way to gain exposure, and consequently the sales, that the artist needs to survive? Not every art fair is right for every artist.

Source via Twitter: ArtnetNews