The Internal Workings of a Restless Mind

Write (and therefore blog) to better understand the process of your own creativity say those who know about these things (and you may sell more paintings). It may prove that I gain insight but I'm aware that what I have learned may be specific to my own endeavours.

And why write anything? Is it not better to let the work speak for itself? As Mr. Hockney said, " It is very good advice to believe only what an artist does, rather than what he says about his work", but admittedly this was in pre-blogging days.

Inspirational doodle for blogging theme.

Inspirational doodle for blogging theme.

I've gone through notebooks and sketchbooks to find ideas that I didn't progress either due to the idea being derivative (another artist's way of working), underdeveloped or discovered elsewhere post inspiration. I intend to post these to demonstrate the scope of my exploration, the search for my own visual vocabulary and to support the more finished paintings and drawings on

blog 3.jpg

It seems now that I was unsure of how and what I wanted to paint and draw. Notions of 'landscape', 'still life' etc. were a possible route but seemed rooted in a tradition that was at odds with the fast pace of the coming millenium. This very careful sketch (which presumably I would've developed further as a painting) shows a tentative step towards finding the how and what despite having drawn and painted all my life.